Water / Sewer

All city residential and business customers pay each month for water used.

Additional Services Offered: The city provides enrollment for AirMedCare membership. Membership is $5.00, billed on water bill every month. Want to give a monthly donation to the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Dept? Ask to sign up for a $2.00 donation to be added to your monthly water bill. You can opt-out of the donation at any time.

Notice to City of Buffalo residents and businesses: Please contact City of Buffalo at 903-322-4741 or at our office located at 812 N Buffalo Avenue, if you have complaints or problems with your City services. We will respond to your concerns when we are notified. Thank you.


1st 2,000 gallons$19.00 (water)
$17.00 (sewer)
Per 1,000 gallons
after 1st 2,000 gallons
$4.00 (water)
$4.00 (sewer)
  • Bulk Water – $27.50 per 1000 gals.
  • Residential sewer gallons charged for all usage.


1st 2,000 gallons$21.00 (water)
$20.00 (sewer)
Per 1,000 gallons
after 1st 2,000 gallons
$4.36 (water)
$4.00 (sewer)