Buffalo City Police

Officers of the Buffalo Police Department are proud of the service they provide for the Citizens of Buffalo.

Mission Statement of the Buffalo Police Dept.

The Buffalo Police Department shall strive to:

  • Protect life and to preserve property
  • Enforce all laws fairly and equally among all people
  • Create an environment within the community that is conducive to raising families, and supportive of the business community
  • Make the general public aware of the issues effecting law enforcement and their daily lives
  • Operate in a manner designed to gain the confidence and support of the community at large
  • Provide emergency assistance and relief in times of disaster
  • Operate in an effective and professional manner

To perform that mission, the Buffalo Police Department has 3 full time officers and 3 reserve officers. The Department also operates a fleet of all marked vehicles. All Police Department vehicles are identified as such.The Buffalo Police Department has primary jurisdiction for all offenses, occurring within the City limits of Buffalo. The Department works alongside other law enforcement agencies in the area, such as the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

We have 3 full time officers, 2 part time officers and reserves.

Contact Information

Buffalo Police Department: 144 Avant Street, Buffalo, Texas